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how to determine if you can become a blogger

there are different things to consider if you want to start blogging, i must tell you that blogging is time consuming and it take's time to build a high authority blog.

 If you must become a blogger there are different things to put into consideration thing like time.
 in this article i will be sharing with you the things that a blogger should know before starting a blog

1. first a blogger must be a computer literate, even if the blogger is not an expert in computer but at least you should know how to type

NOTE: that you must know how to type even if you are not a fast typist but gradually you will become one

2. blogging is about sharing your ideals, writing about things you know that can help other, for example you have ideal on making money online or offline, you can write about making money online or offline anything you think you have zeal about, if you know more things like making money online, mobile tips, or anything you can write on more that one topic
just write on what you have passion for like me my passion is making money online tips

3. you should be good in expressing yourself about a topic, rewriting them out in your own way and English

4. are you on twitter,facebook i mean are you active on social medial sites if no then you should start now, because apart from search engines,
social medial site is the right place to promote and build your brand and audience

5. Do you know anything about blogging and seo  if no do a deep research and get info about blogging check out what is blogging and learn more

6. Do you know at least five to six blogs that writes on the same topic you specialize on,add them to your blog you are following i meant add them to your reading list, this way you won't run out of post

7. regular update is the key to blogging success, a blog that has same post on his homepage for about one week the blog is almost good as dead,
check your time can you make post at least twice or thrice a week

8. Do you know how to get traffic to your blog, because your blog need's readers an unread blog is as good as a dead blog

9. are you ready to spend money on your blog, blogging is like a business in fact it is a business anything thing that pay's need to be promoted in order to get more traffic and more customers.

if you are coming into blogging to make money, then blogging is the right place to be but

note: that making money from blogging is not a day job, in fact you don't make money online you earn it.
you might be wondering why i said that you don't make money online.
yes because  i said that because blogging or online is not in anyway a money making machine.

blogging is a long term money making process, but if you have the patient to work hard till your blog start's generating good traffic then i tell you blogging can be a money making machine at the period
blogging can be a source of income only if you give it time to develop

most blogger are blogging full time and they are full time earners from blogging in this case they are self employed, imagine yourself been your own boss wake up any time you like, work anytime you feel that would be great if you ask
you can be part of the full time earners on blogging only if you work hard and try to be a patient person

i hope this post made an impact in you today
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