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seo can be defined as the process of changing or favoring the visibility of a website or webpage  in search engines, some of you will be wondering what the full meaning of seo means (SEO) means search engine optimization.
seo can also be defined as the process of getting free organic traffic from search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo but there are other available search engines i just named the popular ones for you
so today i will be sharing with you some simple steps for seo optimization

seo optimization
do your keyword research well
keyword is the word people type into the search box on search engines those words are called keywords, keywords revolves around competition some has high competition while some are low competition, i would advice you to go for a low competition keyword that has high search volume

title and url
you should put your keyord into consideration while choosing a title for your blog, you should use keywords early in the title make sure you have an interesting title for your blog.

meta description
give your blog readers a nice description of your page, your meta description should not be more than 160 characters

page heading
page headings are  are considered one of the most important factor of a blog as search engine is concern, use well searched keywords as headings
when writing an article try to place keyword in the first or second sentence, make sure you have 2-3 percent of your keyword to your page density, try not to stuff your articles with too much or repeated keywords, because such things are considered to be keyword stuffing.

keyword is a great way for search engines to know what your blog specialize on because search engines gives great value to meta keyword, my little advice for you don't repeat a keyword twice

adding image to your content is a way to blog and communicate with audience, use alt tags to add keywords to your image for better search result because most internet users or surfers do use image search on search engines, search engines like google,yahoo they do offer image search
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  1. this post is wonderful thanks for writing such an informative article i love reading your blog thanks for the tips

  2. thanks for reading and giving me your words of encouragement i appreciate

  3. I'm sure Infographics and their distribution will be a great strategy in 2013. And guest posting of course.

  4. sure you are right and thanks for adding more value to this post

  5. Hello Good Day
    For google keyword i my to pay money to google keyword cpc

    1. I won't say i don't understand u, i do understand but be more clear when commenting next time because of other readers.

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