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blogging of a thing is what anyone can start, your age,sex, occupation can't be a barrier to your blogging success this means anyone or everyone can become a blogger or start a blog, but is not everyone  that knows how to build their blog to be a successful one
every successful and serious bloggers should always be focused on keeping their blog readers happy and keep coming back so am going to be sharing with you on how you can keep your blog readers coming back.

carefully read this 9 tips towards achieving success in blogging  

your blog contents should be informative, write articles that will impact some knowledge in your blog readers you should be creating useful contents an internet user or an individual will likely visit where he or she will benefit something, so create an informative content this will in turn let your blog readers to rate your blog as an informative one.
if you are able to provide with want they want i mean quality content then they will appreciate you and your blog by becoming your blog permanent reader 

==> interaction
make sure you have a means for your blog readers to contact you, you should have a contact form or an email address for your blog readers to contact you or you can check out how to add contact form to blog 
please the most important part of the interaction session take your blog readers serious be replying and always reply to them immediately you get their message or comments, this will let them know that you are a serious business man and that you take your blog readers serious

==> be yourself
always be yourself while you are working on your blog e.g when you are crafting or composing an article, i am the owner of  WWW. i write in my own voice and style i don't copy the style or voice of others authors, don't  bombard your post with grammars because you want to impress your blog readers instead by writing your post with grammars you will be scaring your blog visitors away, if you are reading a blog and you can't understand what that blog is talking about am sure you will not revisit that blog again why, because of the grammars

==> free offers
everyone love free things and this is one of  the most trusted way to keep your blog readers coming back is to offer them freebies, it might be a product or service e.g eBooks, help them to set up their blog, or even design a blog for them, by doing this you will be attracting  their attention towards visiting your blog and become a permanent reader

==> about page
let your blog readers know who you are, having about page on your blog will be a great achievement because an about me page is the most read part of a blog
the about me page can be used to talk more about yourself an your blog this can help your blog readers know more about you and where you are coming from and it will help them know what you have in stock for them.
let your blog readers know your aim as a blogger

==> be an author and a tutor 
your blog readers are expecting to learn something from you and your blog they are expecting some useful advice from you, you should be writing about what you know , write about things you tried that worked for you so as not to loose your blog readers, don't be the person to recommend bad products to your blog readers because if you do then you then you will be destroying your online reputation and hard work

==> design
your blog  design  should be a nice looking one, don't bombard your blog with mixture of colours because sometimes this do cause problems to some of your blog readers.

==> promotion
learn to promote your blog an blog post, like back then in 2006 when i created my first blog i thought my job was is just to create and publish articles and readers will be flocking in from the north, south,east and west, i never knew of post promotion so don't make the same mistake i made in 2006
promote your blog  post on forums,submit your articles to article directories sites check out 2013 top bookmarking sites to promote your post
your can also use facebook and twitter to promote your blog and post and there are many other ways to promote a blog post

note: that this are the most active steps you can take towards achieving success in blogging, a blog without a plan to succeed is as good as a dead  or an invincible blog
do you want your blog to be visible or invincible in the world wide web
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