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there are are some things that can help you boost your blog readership, blog readers are the reason why we bloggers are blogging so if you are writing about any topic you should write it in your own words and tune because blog readers can determine if you are blogging for passion

some free tips on how to boost your blog readership

You should blog about a topic that you have passion for, lets say for example you are an artist you can blog  about entertainment e.g like music, dancing, acting or anything that you have passion about on entainment field

Content quality
Your content should be  well written and informative ones, when writting an article you should write about what you know much or little about, your articles should be informative articles that help readers to gain more knowledge and grow their business or  blog.

Update your blog regurlarly, updating a blog has to do with adding new contents  frequently because blog readers loves reading new articles everyday, a blog that has same post on the homepage for about 2 to 3 is as good as an almost dying blog if you are good  in updating your blog then your blog readers will keep comming in day by day

When composing an article your enlish should be written in a well arranged way that every reader will understand, you should make use of grammar correcting softwares in order to correct any grammatical errors

Guest post
Write quality articles that will attract attention to your blog from a well established blog,  guest post on top blogs in your niche or keywords  and any article you write on a well established  blog should be a well written and informative  article

Join communities build your  brand and authority with other bloggers and internet surfers, help solve some problems and get reconized in the communities

Visit top blog in your niche read the blogs and provide relevant comment in the  blog post, when writing your comment instead of saying thanks for this post, simply add more value and ideas to the post in your comment this will drive the blog readers to notice you and visit your blog
These are some few tips on how to boost your blog readership, you can add more value and ideas to this post  by leaving a comment, comments are free to comment on this blog and all comments are rated thanks for  joining us on


  1. Hey dude! I've been blogging for about a month now. Really enjoying it but feeling a little invisible. Hoping your wonderful list of tips and tricks is going to give my site the boost it needs... I'll let you know :)

    Shooting My Journey x

    1. sure if you stick to the above tips surely your blog will grow more that expected, just focus in guest posting and commenting on top blogs in your niche ok hope to see soon


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