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 google adsense  is one thing that many  bloggers are finding it difficult to get approved for, yes i am telling you that adsense is very easy to get only if you know the right steps to take.
in this article i will be sharing with you on how i got an approved adsense account for my one month old blog, this will be suppressing to you but i tell you that this is the real fact all you need to do is to get this right.
here are some few tips on how i got an approved adsense account for my one month old blog

submit your sitemap
this is the first and most important thing to do if you want your blog or site to be recognized by search engines, some of you might have passed through this step before but i included it for newbies that hasn't don their own, if you don't know how to submit your sitemap to search engines check out how to submit sitemap to google  or you can check out how to add site to bing

you should have at least 40 to 50 quality  quality articles before thinking of having an approved adsense  account, like i said in an old post google was designed to reward the website with quality contents so make sure you have at least 40 to 50 quality articles on your blog

domain age
for some countries like Indian you domain name needs to be 6 months old or older before you can get an approved adsense , but it all depends on how much traffic you are getting and how quality your articles is for your readers, the most important one to put in mind is the conversion rate of your blog and how often do your blog readers comment on your post

comment is another great factor for considering how popular a website is, and how much quality it provides for its readers because a blog reader  will not take his or her time to comment on a useless post, so my advice for you is to have at least 100 real comments  or upward before you should think of going for an adsense account

traffic do count in terms of getting an approved adsense account, google won't approved your adsense account if you have low  or no traffic 
 the reason why google will not accept a blog with no traffic
if you are a blog owner that has adsense on your blog and you have no traffic  then your blog won't generate any income, so as a person that has needs you will be tempted to click on your own ads which is against Google's terms and conditions. this is the reason why google won't accept a blog without traffic, before you apply for google adsense 20%  to 30% of your blog traffic should be coming from search engines 

simple mistakes you should avoid
i added this because i want you to get all of it right, when applying for adsense you should carefully fill in your details with care don't be in a worry to submit your application review it up to 2 times before submitting it .  your address and all of your details should be complete and correct if you want your account  to be approved by adsense

Alexa rank
this don't count much but i tell you that you can use this  to determine if your site is well trafficked or not, you should try to rank below one million in Alexa this can help you determine how trafficked you blog is and what steps to take in growing your blog 
final conclusion on how to get an approved adsense account
if you follow this tips you will be able to get approved for adsense, this is how i got my one month old blog approved for adsense with this simple steps many bloggers got approved for adsense that is why i thought it wise to share with you on how i got an approved adsense account if you have any question or additional ways to get approved for adsense kindly leave a comment in the below form 


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