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There are different ways and requirement you need to register a website, because you need a payment method to process your payment for the domain name

1. If you want to register a domain there are some things you need to process you payment, you need a credit card,debit card or master card, but credit card is the easiest and most acceptable means of paying for a domain name online.
Other means that is accepted all over the world is pay pal, to get a pay pal account is very easy check out it’s free to register an account with pay pal but you have to verify your account check out how to verify pay pal account There are some other ways that are accepted e.g, or atm cards and visa cards

2. there are some registrars that offer to help you register your domain name, check out some reliable registrars, or you ca try Make sure you research more about the registrar you are trying to register a domain with, go to the registrars website type in the domain you want to register in the search box,then click on go

3. If the domain you are trying to register show’s it’s still available then check the box and click add to cart After that you will be redirected to the payment page,when the page opens you will see the summary of the domain you intend to register click on check out

 4. If you already have an account with the registrar login,but if you don’t have you can register to have an account with them after you have registered login to your account

 5. Once you have registered with them, fill in every detail accept their terms and condition by checking the small box below the form. Then click submit and the registration process will be completed.

 6. Fill in your credit card details,fill in your credit card number, the expiring date, and 3 digit code at the reverse side, fill in the card name and address,submit the payment and make sure your card is funded immediately your payment will be processed.

 7. Login in to your account to change anything you feel like changing e.g things like (dns) it means domain name setting or (nss) which means name server setting.

 Domain names can be registered for as low as $10 for one year, if you are going for a domain name i would advice you to go for a top level domain (TLD).com or .net a good domain name could form a great branding tool for companies and individuals, it’s also critical to driving traffic to your blog. Any serious business man or woman should own a domain name, because a domain can be a source of contact for individual or even companies to make contacts. If you own a business having a domain name will be a great improvement to your business, a business trying to build it’s brand needs a domain name so get a domain name for your business.

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