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Submitting your sitemap to bing and yahoo is a great thing to do to help your blog generates more traffic from search engines, you can’t just depend on one search engine you need to submit your site to any number o f search engines that you know to generate more traffic to your blog without search engine a blog is useless  so today i am writing this piece of article to help people searching on how they can add their site to search engines and submit their sitemap to the search engine too
 check out the main steps to adding your sitemap to bing/yahoo

1.    Submit your rss feed address to yahoo/bing e.g that is the example of an rss feed address, if you don’t have one t you need to register one by visiting
The below diagram is how an rss feed looks

2.    Place your  rss feed in the below form and submit it 

3.    Submit it and make sure your get an rss feed before submitting your sitemap
I added all the images because i want you  to understand this little pieces of article if you are still having problems with submitting your sitemap to yahoo/bing then please leave a comment and i will be more expletive to you. Just let me know your problem and i will do my best to solve it for you welcome to blogging foundation


  1. If you explain details about sitemap generator and verification system of it. It may be better for me. After all I like your post. Get some extra knowledge from it.


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