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Modem unlocking has been a great problem to many individuals or even companies for example if you bought a modem from a network provider like or even airtel, you can only use that modem for only use the sim you or network you bought the modem from, and this is a big problem for a serious business man because some times that network might be slow or having problem with their server. So you are as a business owner or a serious online guru that has an urgent message or job to do online at that very moment, because your network is bad then you can’t make it ,cyber cafe is closed we are talking about 12 o, clock in the midnight so the best option for any business owner or internet user should make sure his or her modem is unlocked before using it .
So today i will be sharing with you on how you can unlock your modem to use any sim fo your choice because most of the modems bought from Nigeria,Ghana or other countries are they are locked by the network providers. So that the modem will use only the network providers sim card.  

So today my focus is how you can unlock your modem to use any simcard of your choice

1. You can use google to search for modem unlocking software, if you are using a huawei modem then in google search type in huawei unlocker software and download it, after downloading it open and insert your imei number and an unlocking code will be generated

1b. Zte data modem:- if you are using zte data modem google search and type in zte unlocker software and download it, after downloading it open and insert you imei number and an unlocking code will be generated for you to unlock your modem If you don’t know your imei number the below steps will help know your imei


1. Simply lunch your modem network platform, like your short cut icon on your desktop
2. On the platform click on tools
3. Click diagnostics
There you will find everything you need to know about your imei number and you will find more informative things there.

 2. Online unlocking step

Second step to unlock your modern is to get your unlocking codes online, there are many online sites where you can type in your modem imei number and the site will automatically generate the unlocking code for your modem So i will be discussing with you about one site i know where you can get your modem unlocking codes Visit Type in your modem imei number then click on calculate allow the page to load, your modem unlocking codes will be generated to you.

 3. Download modem unlocking software

Without wasting much of your time,i decided to do a deep research to find a good modem unlocking software So as you are reading this post your modem is already unlocked Download modem unlocker media After downloading the software simply insert the imei number of your modem, then click unlock and your modem unlocking code will be generated

If after following this process your modem is still locked, please kindly use the below form to give me your imei number and the modem type. I will reply you with the unlocking code of your modem
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  1. he site was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!b Keep 'em coming... you all do such a great job at such Concepts... can't tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do!

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  2. Yes we face many problems with locked modem, sometime we need to change our network due to high charges and slow connection, but we are bound with our previous connection. If we are able to unlock modem, then we can easily switch to other network. We just need to take help from unlock modem services or follow proper steps for unlocking.

    1. thanks for this wonderful comment ciara jordan


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