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driving traffic to your blog using twitter, twitter is  one of the best and greatest social network in terms of  blog  or business and products promotion online, so many blogs or website owners that are using twitter they are finding it difficult to use twitter to drive traffic to their blogs.
so today i will be sharing with you on how you can use twitter to drive traffic  in an unexpected amount of  traffic to your blog.

drive traffic to your blog using twitter

  • you should have a twitter follow button and Facebook like button widget on your blog, this will encourage your blog readers to connect with you via twitter and share your post
  • tweet meme is a great application by twitter that you can use to share your post on twitter, you should install tweet meme on your blog this will encourage your blog readers to share your post to twitter  and that means more exposure to your blog and posts.
  • write and send short tips about a topic your covered or wrote about in your blog after writing it include a link back to the post in your blog
  • search for groups or list of people on twitter that covers same topics on your blog, then share your blog post with people in those list or groups
  • when registering or after you registered you should include  your blog url on your twitter profile, after that include your blog link on your twitter background
  • setup your blog to post automatically to twitter anytime you create and post a new post on your blog, there are lots of free services you can use to do this some that i use are and
  • you can use twitter search features to locate people searching about topic related to your blog, answer questions that are being asked by people and give them link back to your blog
  • search for people that  are tweeting about topics you covered in your blog, follow those people and share specific and informative blog post with them
these are the ways i use in generating traffic to my blog using twitter, like i said before twitter is a great social networking site that allows you to promote your blog, products, business and services if you have any additional tips to add to this post kindly leave your comment in the below form and i tell your that reply's to comments are immediately giving once it has been received

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