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google adsense can be defined as a free platform that allows every website owners to earn money by displaying targeted ads on their blogs or websites, google adsense can also be defined as a (cpc) program that allows publishers to put ads on their website or blogs, cpc mean cost per click.
adsense is the best and greatest cpc ad network, it has lots  of features which you can use to earn money from adsense.
some examples of the features  you can use to earn money from adsense

  • adsense for search 
it allows you to insert a google custom search box on your blog, you will earn money every time  someone  search through the web using the custom search box on your website, you will be paid for  the advertisement served for his search results.

  • cpc advertisement
this is the other way you can earn money from your blog, when your blog visitors visit your blog advertisement will be served to them any one that clicks on the advertisement, you will be paid part of the money the advertiser paid, this is a great way to earn from a blog

  • affiliate program
you can be an affiliate marketer that works with google adsense, you will be paid through your adsense account anytime some one you referred buy a product or anything, the payment will be made through your adsense account

  • domain parking
domain parking is another great way to earn money from your blog or website that you don't make use of at that moment, adsense has domain parking service that allows you to park your domain name and they will serve ad related to your niche or website, this service is a wonderful way to earn money from a well trafficked domain name
this are some of the ways you can earn money from adsense, my next post for you all is how i got an approved adsense account for my one month old blog in this article i will give you all the necessary steps you need to take in order to get an approved adsense account, make sure you subscribe to get the latest post by email thanks for joining us leave your comment about your thoughts on this post


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    1. Thanks for the comment, one of my administrators removed your comment am sorry for that but i payed him back by removing him as an administrator i hope to recieve more comments from u. I want u all to know i love my blog readers

  2. hi, can you give me a tips for get approved in adsense..thanks

    1. read more on there you will get every detail on how i got an approved adsense account, or just search this blog on how to get an approved adsense account

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