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What is a blogger

A blogger can be defined as a person who shares informational article and topics on a blog or site and publish it into the world wide web, a blog is a place where bloggers share informative posts about things you know that others don’t know, blogging is a way to reach out to the world it can be defined as a way to expatiate your knowledge, reach out to the crowd and build a strong relationship within yourselves,

 To my final conclusion a blogger can be defined as a person that love’s sharing tips to help people discover what he or she know’s how to do or a blogger can also be defined as an article writer who love’s sharing tips all over the world wide web Blogging started in the late 1990s as an online diaries, so as you can see blogging is an aged practice it didn’t started today

 there are different types of blog so today i will be sharing with you the different types of blog

Micro blog
 Micro blogging can be defined as a way of posting digital content it could be pictures,videos,links,text or other media, micro blogging has a portable communication mode that feels organic and well arranged

Personal blog 
 Personal blogging can be defined as a blog that is for your personal use, it can be used for a diary or a commentary by individuals

General blog
 General blogging can be said to be a blog that shares tips concerning everything and anything if you are a blogger and you own’s a general blog then you can share tips concerning money making,mobile tips,computer tips you can write about anything that you think
you can know more about blogging here

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