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2013 google adsense alternatives

Building a blog is one thing that every interested person can do, but growing and expanding it is another thing that not everyone can do most bloggers passed through the level of growing their traffic , they monetized their blogs but they are earning peanuts all because they were not approved by the best ppc company which is google adsense program, every blogger wish to work with Google adsense because with them you can earn good money for your blog traffic.
 The saddest thing of all is that most bloggers especially newbies are rejected for Google adsense program learn how i got approved for Google adsense program with a one month old blog, yes we know that google adsense is the best.
 for some people that were rejected by adsense i will be sharing with you on how you can get an approved adsense account for your blog

list of 40 google adsense alternatives to earn money online

this are list of some google adsense alternatives that you can work with to earn money from your blog traffic, before you reapply for google adsense because it is the best and highest ppc company

3. Chitika
4. Kontera
11. Marchex
15. AdMob
22. 7Search
23. Yume
24. Casale Media

from here downward they are all .com

25. Specificmedia
26. Zestadz
27. Undertone
28. Contextweb
29. Adknowledge
30. Adfly
31. Spot Xchange
32. Adready
33. Cpxinteractive
34. Premiumnetwork
35. Traveladnetwork
36. Brightroll
37. Millennialmedia
38. Targetspot
39. Encirclemedia
40. Jumptap

these are the best google adsense alternatives for 2013 and they are growing day by day so if you were rejected from adsense program don't let your dream of earning money with your blog die, with these list of google adsense alternatives you can earn money from your blog until you reapply and get approved for adsense program, if you have any more values to add to this post kindly leave your comments.


  1. some of ads not available in certain country

    1. these are the list of google adsense alternatives in 2013, the best list ever

    2. Thank you very much for sharing this informative information which I am searching for last 6 month. Very informative with full of article.

      Best SEO learning article # 6 (Top Do Follow Forum List)

  2. At last I found the list which I was looking for long time. Could you please reply what are the better option for Indian bloggers ?

    1. it's same thing, all you need do is to choose from the list of ad networks with them you can earn good income as a blogger


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