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first let me start by saying that having a domain name is a great  thing but the greatest thing is adding value to the domain name, yes adding value to the domain name is another thing there are lot of reasons why you should add more value to your domain but another thing is maximizing its potential and earning and this things are easy to achieve only if you know the right steps to follow, i know as a domain owner you wouldn't want to earn little peanuts while you can earn much and be satisfied with your domain or blog.

here are some few tips on how to add value to a domain name or
  • develop a content rich website
you should start by developing a content rich website that is relevant to the keywords in your domain name, this is a great way to generate unlimited organic and non organic traffic to your blog if you don't have any valuable domain name then i would tell you that you are missing out of the millions of dollars earned daily by the people that has valuable domain names

  • join domain aftermarket 
there are billions been traded daily on the internet lots of traders or domineers are buying and selling domain name within the aftermarket, this usually occurs when you registered a domain that someone really wants, this type of person will be willing to you  a decent amount to get the domain from you

  • park the domain if not used at that time
 lots of website do offer domain parking services with these you can earn money from an unused website also called a domain name, all you need to do for the parking company is to set your domain name server and they will display their advertisement on your domain and you will get paid for each click made on your parked domain name.
some parked domain names make up to 150 per month it all depends on how much traffic your domain is getting  most especially if your traffic is high you will earn good money, my next post on domain names is how to park a domain name i will be writing on how you can get a good and well trafficked domain to park and earn money.
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