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seo optimization tips


Writing an seo optimize article will give you a chance to rank well in search engines, some people that are new to seo won’t know the meaning of seo so i will be briefing you on what seo means
What is seo
Seo simply means search engine optimization following seo practice will help drive in high organic traffic to your blog from search engines and this is what all blog and business needs. We all know that organic is highly recommended  for any blog or business to grow and organic traffic is the type of traffic that converts well, if you are a new reader or an aged reader of this blog i strongly recommend that you read 2013 seo optimization tips  in there you will learn great information on how to work with seo  and grow you blog to the next level
Learn more on writing an seo optimized article

1.       Visit google adword tool to analyze your set of targeted keywords in an excel shit, this is a great way to start your blog to the way of succeeding to become a successful blogger.

2.       for me i recommend you to  use the most targeted keywords in the title or at the beginning or anywhere in the title or you can use H1 for the title tag

3.       start  the first paragraph of your post with the most targeted keyword, this will give you an opportunity to get ranked for that keyword and these means high traffic to your blog.

4.       Sprinkle your keywords naturally when writing  your articles because there are some things that search engine hate’s the most which one of them is keyword stuffing which is considered to be spamming by search engines, so sprinkle your keywords naturally when writing an article.

5. use software's like synonym to search if your spammed your article with same set of keywords, it is advisable to use synonym finder while writing your articles

6. keyword density
when crafting or composing an article try to make sure you use a single keyword in a span  of  100-150 words for better and greater ranking because it is considered one of the greatest way to get high ranking.

7. when writing and composing this article i never thought of  elaborating much in this article but let me say this that my final conclusion of this article is to read your grammatical errors and misspellings before publishing them.
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