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some reasons why newbies hate pro blogger
This post is a reality post that i myself had experienced from the hands of the successful or pro bloggers when i knew nothing about blogging, am not just writing this article all in the name of i must publish a post on this blog today but am writing it based on experience and experiment by myself and other bloggers since i have been in the blogosphere.
i found out that most newbies and amateurs hate pro bloggers for some certain reasons but today we are going to be revealing 4 of the major reasons why newbies hate's some pro bloggers in the blogosphere today.

here are some things newbies hate about pro or successful  bloggers today

1. they don't take readers serious

This is one thing i experienced  when i was a newbie and i knew nothing about things in the blogosphere, sometimes when am surfing through some blogs i do find something interesting on other blogs but when i contact the owner of the blogs they don't respond to me because i was a newbie and they are pro bloggers. my advice for you as a newbie or an amateur is for you to be strong in whatever you are doing no matter the obstacles  you encounter and you should always take your blog readers serious even when you are a famous blogger.

2.  they don't respond to comment

am not the only one experiencing this because i and other bloggers do comment on well established blogs in our niche but the blog authors or owners don't respond to comment left on their blogs because they are too busy or they think they are too popular to respond to their readers comment. i tell you no matter how popular you are if you are too busy to respond to your blog readers then employ somebody to do the job for you because if you continue ignoring your blog readers sooner or later you will become a former popular blogger lol.

3. accepting too many guest post

Guest post is good because it helps change the ton or writing on a blog but pro bloggers are fund of accepting too many guest post on their blogs, if you think am lying visit some pro bloggers blog you will find out that they won't publish any post they wrote by themselves throughout a whole month or even more than two months all they will be doing is to publish guest post submitted by other bloggers and at the end they give a link back to the bloggers blog as a form of appreciation. 
This is something most newbies amateurs and even i the author of hate's about some pro bloggers.

4. too much greed 

pro bloggers are fund of placing or using too many monetization methods on their blogs which is not good for any blog not even a pro's blog. i believe the major cause of this is called greediness some pro bloggers can use adsense, affiliate products, selling ad spots, chitika, media ads, bidvertiser and many other monetization methods just to monetize one blog which is very very bad. .
please feel free to share with us if you know any of the things newbies hate about pro bloggers that are not listed in this post,  feel free to let us know and it will be included in this post immediately remember we love sharing our ideals with you all


  1. I honestly feel that new bloggers are simply jealous of their more successful acquaintances, and want to succeed like them without putting in the amount of effort required.

    You're points are valid, because top bloggers get SO MANY viewers and comments each day they simply can't respond to all of them. If only the new bloggers could understand that. Maybe someday, if they work hard, they'll be on the other end of it!

    1. you are right james, thanks for adding more value to this post i really appreciate your comment

  2. How could I have said it better. the part where you mentioned greediness caught my attention till I have to read it over and over again

    1. thanks miracle for leaving a comment on this blog, we really appreciate all our blog comments

  3. Bro you are completely right but my problem is that they don't help newbies the only help you can get from the is to sell little of their knowledge for about 150-300 dollars, that the kind o help you get from them

  4. thanks for the comment collins. Your point is right pro bloggers sell out a little of their knowledge for a huge amount


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