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Breaking News And Some Reasons Why You Don't Make money Online

here are the reasons why you don't make money online
The word make money is a particular word that is popular  around the world both online and offline and it sound's good to every ear that here's it, some people always ask  this question is it really possible to make money online if you ask me for my own opinion i would say yes and no. i won't stop at saying yes and no but am going to be giving you the reasons why i said yes and no please read on to learn more.

why i said no

I said no because you don't make money online you only earn money  online, the word make money online make's it sound as if the internet is a money making machine e.g ATM machine which is not true that's why you have to earn every penny you get online


why i also said yes

yes, yes, yes you can earn money online but you have to work hard to earn every penny you get online because the internet is just like a normal offline job but the different is that you are your own boss and you can expect to get paid well if you really know what you are doing

here are some reasons why you don't make money online


1. lack of confidence 

This is one sure reason why you can't make money online, if you want people to believe in you first you need  to make a deep impact in their lives by believing in yourself with your confidence and zeal you will be able to provide your followers with great and informative ideals.


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2. Patience

There is one proverb that says nothing good come's easy which is very true, so don't fall into the hands of spammers saying they have an eBook that can help you earn  $2000 monthly or weekly. All you need to do to success in the online money making journey is to believe in yourself and stay motivated to accomplish your aim then surely it will only take a matter time, there is another proverb that say's a fattest dog eats the fattest bone there are lots of bloggers, internet marketers, web designers etc that earns full time income online so don't quite too soon.


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3. no investment

 This is another reason why you don't make money online no matter the type of business you are doing either online or offline it surely needs a little investment to boom it up quickly, am not saying  saying that one can't make money online without  investment but if you want quick results to come you need to invest in that business.


4. Not monetizing your blog

There is nothing wrong in monetizing a blog then why are you scared of monetizing your own blog, if you have a certain good amount of traffic coming to your blog don't slack in monetizing your incoming traffic to earn some decent income


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5.  Choosing a niche or topic

This is  one of the biggest mistakes of all that young entrepreneurs do make constantly while trying to market products or to create their own blogs, your niche is the foundation of any business you choose to do online so when choosing a niche you should carefully choose the right one


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 Are you among the people that have been in the blogosphere, affiliate marketing and other online stuffs to make money and yet you are not making  money online just wait a minute  read this post  carefully from the starting to the end then i tell you that your online money making problem is solved.



Don't just read and go back to bed or anywhere but read and take action example: read + action =good results.
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  1. I think the big one here is patience. Over 81% of bloggers never make more than $100 off of their blogs. Why? They are impatient. They don't see instant results, so they give up. The patient ones are the ones that are rewarded in the long run.

    1. you are right james patience is the key towards achieving success in whatever you are doing, most full time bloggers you are seeing today didn't achieve their dreams until about 6 months or 1 year of their being in the blogosphere
      thanks for the comment

  2. Bloggers should have patience in order to be successful in blogosphere. It is a long term game and will not give instant results.

  3. I was thinking a lot regarding this topic, so thanks for bringing it up here. You certainly have a good writing style i like, so will be subscribing to your blog.


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