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How To Increase A Blog's Alexa Rank And Google Page Ranking

increase your blog's alexa rank and page rank
Our lesson today is a combined guide to achieve double success on your blog i never thought i would possibly sit down one day to write a combine post based on Alexa and google page rank, But today i changed my mind am going to be sharing with you all on how to use one stone to kill two birds in the blogosphere based on Alexa and google page ranking.

This blog called blogging foundation is just five months and few weeks old and yet it's  Alexa ranking is below 100k isn't this awesome i know you will say yes to that, page rank is 0 currently because the blog was not fully ready and steady during the first page rank update but i surely know it is getting a good page rank next update.

Increase Your Blog's Alexa And Google Page Rank Today


Install Alexa toolbar

This is one thing also known as a trick that can help you increase your blog's Alexa ranking, it was discovered that a blog with 1000 visitor and none of this visitor had alexa toolbar installed on their browsers and a blog with 100 visitors but all of this visitors had alexa toolbar installed on their browsers then i tell you that the blog with lower visitor will be highly favored by alexa because of the installed toolbar so install alexa toolbar for good ranking.

write informative and quality contents

As a blogger you should always try to compose seo optimized articles not only that, you must focus on this particular thing  anytime you are writing an article that thing is the quality of the article. Most bloggers shouldn't be called bloggers instead they should be called copywriters because they don't provide quality contents on their blogs all they do is copy articles from a blog related to theirs, before writing an article it should be well researched and understood by you because your article's quality is the aroma that draw's the attention of new readers to your blog.

Keyword research

This is the major point you should focus on each time you are crafting an article on your blog because keyword research helps in getting a good alexa rank and it also increases your blogs organic traffic, Back  then when i was completely new to blogging i didn't take keyword research seriously as part of my plans to build my blog but later i discovered the importance of keywords and i know that i have been lacking behind from all the goodies google has to offer this is to say that keyword play's an important role when it comes to writing articles on a blog so it should be part of your plans if you aim to succeed in the blogosphere.

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Add alexa widget to your blog

This is a fantastic  way to increase your blogs alexa ranking status by adding the alexa awesome blog ranking status display, this is a widget that displays your site ranking status to your blog visitors and it enables your blog to rank higher and faster on alexa.

Link building

Building  quality backlinks to your blog is another great way to increase a lot of things on your blog e.g search engine ranking, page authority and domain authority, page rank and even alexa ranking and also increase the visit to your blog, There are lots of ways to build quality backlinks to your blog.

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some of the ways are:-


  • Guest posting

Guest posting can be defined as a way of providing content for a reputable and highly known or popular websites in return you get one or two quality backlinks pointing from their blogs to your blog
  • Commenting

commenting is also a wonderful way to get quality backlinks pointing to your blog so if you  want your comment to be approved on popular websites or blogs then you should only write awesome and wonderful comments on other blogs.

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  • Forums

Forum is a  none popular way of increasing the backlinks to a blog but at the same time forum is among the most active and effective ways to build quality backlinks to a blog.
  • interlinking your post

    i almost skipped this step interlinking is an awesome way to increase a blog's google page rank, alexa and users engagement because google love's a blog that links back to an older post while writing a new post that is related to the old blog post, The fun part of everything is that interlinking helps a blog in a lot of ways e.g users engagement, page rank and it also help's in gaining loyal readers to a blog.

    example of good interlinking: how to increase your blog's google page rank

    As you can see the above link is highly related to this post and it's a good example of interlinking
This post is dedicated to everyone both newbies and amateurs bloggers, these tips will guide and help you increase your blog's alexa and google page rank.
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    1. This is a nice post thanks for sharing sir

  2. Very good Tips. Alexa gives you a number or a code to put in on your Website Head in order for them to make your profile, I don´t like that public usage of Alexa was taken out and now you have to pay. Question how to get links that lists on Alexa?

  3. Truth be told that's a very careful Alexa trick. Thanks for sharing


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