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my name is Erafe Prince but am popularly known as Snow Prince i am a fulltime blogger. By the Grace Of God i am the CEO and chief editor of

i share tips on blogging,making money online,mobile tips internet tips, news, entertainment and more. All you need regarding online and offline update are settled on blogging foundation.

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If you would love to know more about me you are in the right place, like i said earlier my name is Erafe prince and am a full time blogger. I started my first blog in the year 2006 and at that time i created the blog, i had no ideal or whatsoever what blogging was all about.

 I tried and tried all i could to make money online, but to no avail then i was frustrated when i found out there was no one reading my post; and i was spending my precious time and money without getting any reward back.

 Let me tell you i have spent lots of money online for seminars and so much of my hard earned money had gone done the drain, finally i stop everything about online when i went to my last seminar about expired domain name

I gathered myself again and i started this blog named blogging foundation and before i started this blog i made a deep research about blogging, as am telling you now my blog improvement is greater than ever. I tell you proper research is the right thing to do before embarking on anything, this advice is for both online and offline Individual.

 Making money online is like a normal work the more effort you put in the more money you make, if you are trying to make money online then blogging is the right place for you to be, as you can see am now a happy blogger with lot’s of readers thanks to you all and thanks to Google.

I also work as a freelancer, you can hook me up on


  1. HI there,

    Good job on the blog. Keep it up.

    I am also running a few blogs. One is at Please have a look. Your recomendations to increase traffic and quality of the blog wil be really appreciated.

    Looking forward to your email and a visit to my blog.

    Many thanks!

    Good luck!

  2. thanks for dropping by i will surely visit your blog, but if you want to generate traffic to your blog use social bookmarking sites,articles directories and social networking sites ok, do contact me anytime for help and i will kindly help you anytime welcome


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